Teraz / Now

TERAZ / NOW, Galeria Bardzo Biała, Warsaw, 2017

The paintings (objects) shown at the exhibition were hung in such a way as to emphasize the relations of time and space that are important for me – all rooms and works create together a common whole.

Each of the presented paintings required a special technological discipline and an extremely large amount of time. The decision, a making moment, gesture, course of thought and the entire process of reaching the finalization of the work have been extended. Same as in case the turntable switch is set to 33 turns instead of 45 per minute, interesting sound textures appear, so it happened in my case for transformation and redefinition of artistic means of expression.

Interest in the present, reacting to events and information coming from from the media, gave way to a more abstract feeling of phenomena, without too much emotional involvement, their assessment or contextualization. I was rather interested to capture the revealed energies and organize them into a certain order, exploring the possibilities hidden in isolation from “eternal now”. It is an attempt to use the excess and chaos of
information, to organize their flow, intensity and frequency.