Solo, group exhibition “Większy niż Szafa”, Galeria Salon Akademii, Warsaw, 2018

Solo is the last part of Trio / Duo / Solo triptych. The two previous ones were shown at Galeria XX1 in Warsaw in 2014 and 2017. New works will be hung in a separate, specially built room. Works made of cables are placed in frames – made of raw wood. One of the inspirations for this work was the unique collection of the Teylers Museum in Haarlem in the Netherlands. Museum created by a wealthy industrialist according to Enlightenment ideals of openness and widespread availability of knowledge, shows an extraordinary collection of back then latest discoveries in the field of electricity, all kinds of research instruments, but also geological finds, minerals and fossils. All the display case and frame in which the exhibits are located, remained original – made by Dutch wood-carvers in the 18th century. For me, this “frozen” in the Age of Enlightenment, achievements of the most modern technology and natural evidence of the origins of the planet on which we live, resembles a simultaneous look into the future and the past, and the splendid setting of these objects in a sense gives them and the whole exhibition the status of a work of art. In my work it is important to show the proximity of the elements, the form of which was determined by erosion and all natural processes related to the passage of time, and the form-structures that the latest technology takes. It refers to contemporary issues related to the global exchange of information, the “necessity to participate” and the “bloodstream” entangling the entire Earth, carrying huge amounts of zero-one energy. The monumentality of this work does not result from its physical dimensions, but from the fact that in my assumption this space is a kind of point where paths of many different types of energy intersect – both related to modern communication and exchange technologies, as well as those belonging to the spiritual side of man. The title of my current presentation refers to a single person inside the space created for the exhibition. Installation is a kind of pretext to realize the fact of staying in a specific place and time, the height and the weight of our body, the direction in which we look and what is currently reaching our ears become important. It is therefore about the deepest look into their own natural senses and the conscious being of “here and now”. The SOLO installation is accompanied by “Static Recordings”, which are an audio record of several hundred places. They were arranged in the gallery in such a way that they would lead the viewer to the installation described above, thus expanding the physical dimensions of the whole.